Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trenton - Patriot's Week

This post is a bit of a bummer, really. Every Christmas, I've had to miss Patriots' Week in Trenton because we visit relatives out of state. But this year would be different! We were staying home for the holiday and I had my Patriots' Week itinerary all planned out. But it was not to be.
The December 26 blizzard threw a monkey wrench in my plans. No Trenton battle reenactments for me.

And even though, the Trenton Battlefield walk went on as scheduled, those of us in Somerset County were still socked in with the snow. Imagine walking through the current streets of Trenton along the same paths as the Continental and Hessian forces! Well, that's what I would have to do. Just imagine it.

I was able to get down to Trenton one day, though, and took a behind-the scenes tour of the New Jersey State House, parts of which date to 1792. Well worth it is you get the chance. If you ever wondered what the big state seal over the State House entrance looks like from the inside, check out the pictures.

Exterior (over door)

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